Mick Dundee
Goes Hollywood
A.J.'s Rating: 2.5 Stars  - More Aussie Locale Next Time, Mate!
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Directed By:  Simon Wincer
Written By: Paul Hogan, Matthew Berry
Starring:  Paul Hogan, Linda Kozlowski, Jere Burns, Jonathan Banks, Alec Wilson, Serge Cockburn
Rated:  PG (Language / Brief Violence)
Running Time:  92 Min.
    Every twenty years or so, we Yanks get a hankering for all things down under.  Last time it was The Road Warrior, shrimps on the barbie, and losing that pesky America's Cup.  This time it's The Crocodile Hunter, Survivor and over-seasoned steaks.  So, who better than the original Crocodile Hunter, Mick Dundee, to lead a thrilling outback comedy adventure?  I ask because I'm still wondering, since most of this movie takes place in Hollywood, California. 
    The story begins in Australia with some great scenes featuring Dundee and his pals, but this is a sequel, and a second one at that, so staying out in the bush is just not an option.  The first film took Mick from Australia to New York, the second from New York back to Australia, so this one is forced by formula to have Dundee go somewhere even stranger than New York City.  Paris would be funny, but this movie doesn't have the budget for that.  So Mick heads for Los Angeles, rents a Subaru and turns Hollywood upside down. 
    Once in L.A., Mick attempts to fit in with the locals, and has more luck this time, since he has his New York experience to fall back on.  This is an older, slightly more sophisticated Crocodile Dundee than we're used to seeing.  Also, now he has a son to set an example for, so the story is more than the simple fish-out-of-water plotline you would imagine it to be.  In fact, the best parts of the movie are the moments Mick spends with his son, as they explore the City of Angels together.
    The jokes about Los Angeles are tame ones and a sub-plot that pits Crocodile Dundee against a dangerous group of L.A. criminals falls flat, but Paul Hogan's engaging personality manages to keep things fairly entertaining.  The film also has a good natured feeling throughout, and while some of the humor is crude and there is a small amount of violence, this movie is still family-friendly viewing. 
    So, if you enjoyed the other two Crocodile Dundee outings, you'll most likely enjoy this one as well.  If Paul Hogan is really smart though, he'll get to work on another all-Australian adventure!
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Review published
June 10, 2001
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