Review published
March 3, 2004
A.J.'s Rating:  2 EuroStars
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    The makers of Road Trip and Old School invite us to join them on another comic cross-country excursion, this time to the Old Country.  Eurotrip stars Scott Mechlowicz as Scott Thomas.  He's getting ready for college, but that's not what this movie's about.  You see, Scott has a European e-mail pal named Mieke who, it seems, has fallen in love with him and wants to visit him in America.  Thinking Mieke is German for 'Mike', Scott is horrified and abruptly breaks off all communication.  What Scotty doesn't know is, Mieke, pronounced 'Meeka', is a chick, and a hot one at that.  Discovering this momentous misunderstanding one keystroke too late, Scott embarks on a mission to find Mieke and make things right between them.
    With a premise like that, does it even matter what the rest of the movie is about?  Yeah, you're right, I guess it does.  Joining Scott on his journey for true love is his slacker buddy, Cooper, played by David Spade clone, Jacob Pitts.  And what European vacation would be complete without the twins, Jenny and Jamie?  Not this one!  Together they encounter all manner of Eurotrouble, including a rowdy group of football hooligans, a French robot mime, a well-meaning dominatrix, and a gang of nerdy nudists.  Sounds like fun, eh?
    Where Eurotrip makes a wrong turn is that, while it aspires to American Pie status, it doesn't go quite far enough.  Sure, Eurotrip offers bare breasts galore, no complaints there, but it often seems overly apologetic toward its own humor.  Every scene that approaches the bawdy bad-taste brink, of which there are plenty, is followed by an almost sickeningly sweet scene sustaining its 'love conquers all' plotline.  Watching this morally inconsistent tug of war is a lot like discovering the brownies you've just eaten aren't really magic.
    As for actual humor, while many scenes are funny, there's really no logic to connect any of them.  In fact, the biggest laugh is for Scotty's e-mail notification!  Too bad they couldn't also have sprung for a few funny cell-phone ringtones to further punch things up.  Oh, wait... come to think of it, they did.  As a result, Eurotrip plays more as a series of mildly amusing comedy sketches strung together than it does an actual movie.  I was hoping for a little, oh, how you say, continuity? 
    In the end, for some cheap laughs, I suppose you could do a lot worse.  But then, of course, you could also do a whole lot better!  So, is it pass or passport for Eurotrip?  Mmm, have you ever been to Cleveland?  I hear it's lovely this time of year...
Directed By:  Jeff Schaffer
Written By:  Alec Berg & David Mandel & Jeff Schaffer
Starring: Scott Mechlowicz, Jacob Pitts, Kristin Kreuk, Cathy Meils,
Jessica Böhrs, Nial Iskhakov, Michelle Trachtenberg, Travis Wester,
Lucy Lawless, Matt Damon

MPAA:  Rated R for sexuality, nudity, language and drug/alcohol content.