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Review published
August 26, 2003
A.J.'s Rating:  3 Slashing Stars
Freddy Vs. Jason
Directed By:  Ronny Yu
Written By:  Wes Craven (characters) and Victor Miller (characters)
Damian Shannon &  Mark Swift (screenplay)
Starring:  Robert Englund, Ken Kirzinger, various victims

MPAA:  Rated R for pervasive strong horror violence/gore, gruesome images, sexuality, drug use and language.
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    Ah, so you've always wondered what would happen if A Nightmare on Elm Street's Freddy Kreuger met up with Friday the 13th's Jason Voorhees.  Who would win this tournament of terror?  Is Jason's cutting edge any match for Freddy's cutting wit?  Could Freddy's worst nightmare be a big, mute guy in a hockey mask?  Well, wonder no more, because the fright fight of the century takes place in the cleverly titled Freddy Vs. Jason!
    Here are a few facts about this flick.  Your enjoyment of it depends on not questioning any of them.  Springwood's Elm Street is right up the road from Crystal Lake.  Freddy Kreuger's demonic deeds have been 'purged' from Springwood's history, so that its youth would no longer fear him.  After all, they can't fear what they don't know, and fear is Freddy's only source of power!  Freddy needs Jason's help to jog everyone's memories of him, so that he can once again cause some screams in their dreams.  The small flaw in that simple plan is that, once you get Jason started, it's bloody difficult to get him to stop!  Yes, Freddy Vs. Jason is, above all else, a comedy.
    Okay, you Jason fans out there are probably now foaming at the mouth at that last little revelation, but really, what did you expect?  Freddy's a funny guy, that is, as funny as a demonic, demented child murderer can be, I suppose.  And Jason?  Well, he's just misunderstood, and more than a bit naive now, isn't he?  It's not his fault that he's so impressionable!  Of course, it can also be said that, often times, Freddy is all talk and no action.  While Freddy is busy playing mind games, Jason just gets right to the point.  In this movie, opposites attract with frighteningly fun results!
    As far as style is concerned, Freddy Vs. Jason walks a fine line between the two franchises.  I'd describe it as a toned-down Nightmare on Elm Street.  While the plot mostly concerns Freddy, there aren't as many Freddy-style 'kills'.  Except for the cartoonlike 'mano e mano' between Freddy and Jason, the action is definitely closer to Friday the 13th in style.  As a fan of both franchises, I knew I was going to be entertained from the moment I saw the blood-splattered opening title sequence!
    Not to give anything away, but there can really only be four possible outcomes to this battle.  First, that Freddy wins.  Second, that Jason wins.  Third, that those meddling teens win.  And fourth, that this is just round one.  Hmm... I wonder which ending the movie studio was rooting for?