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Review published
November 5, 2004
A.J.'s Rating:  4.5 Incredi-Stars
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    For decades, superheroes like Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Frozone had kept our fair cities safe from crime and villainy. That is, until the "Supers", as they were collectively known, were defeated by a dark, destructive force even more powerful than any of them could have imagined... LITIGATION! Pressured by a sudden flood of injury lawsuits resulting from the inevitable collateral damage associated with saving the day, government officials declared that all Supers must immediately cease using their amazing abilities and live as regular people. Helping the Supers to fit into normal, mild-mannered society was the Superhero Relocation Program, which provided housing and employment for the retired superheroes, while also protecting their secret identities. Would the Supers ever be called upon again to save the day? Only time would tell.
    Fast forward fifteen years. Mr. Incredible, now known as Bob Parr, has developed a less-than-heroic paunch from sitting behind his desk at the insurance claims office. Bob's married to the former Elastigirl, Helen. Helen's now a mother of three and has the hips to prove it. The Parrs are an ordinary, middle-class suburban family... or at least they try to be.
    Lawsuits? Insurance? Marriage? In a PIXAR cartoon? This doesn't sound like a children's film. Well, guess what? PIXAR's not just for kids anymore! Of course, that's not to say that kids won't enjoy this PG rated techno-toon, it's simply that teens and adults may end up enjoying it even more! With The Incredibles, the super-geniuses at PIXAR have made an incredible leap in both animation and storytelling. Combining state-of-the-art digital cinematography and a wickedly clever screenplay grounded in family values, The Incredibles is on par with any live-action adventure. In fact, it's a lot better than most.
    Writer/director Brad Bird serves up a visual feast for superhero fans. The overall look of The Incredibles appears heavily influenced by Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines from the late 1950's and early 1960's, as well as by Disneyland's Tomorrowland and Carousel of Progress, circa 1968. This post-modern style, along with the classic comic book color palette chosen for the superhero characters, provides a wonderfully warped counterpoint to The Incredibles contemporary sensibilities. Add to this an imaginative array of thrilling superhero action, a good dose of wry wit, a brassy, John Barry inspired musical score, and an arch-nemesis with a secret lair any James Bond villain would die for, and you've got one heck of a fun ride!
    What surprised me the most about The Incredibles was its pace, which, for a cartoon, was often downright leisurely. The surprising part was that I was still glued to the screen from beginning to end! The Incredibles actually takes time to develop its characters, but doesn't waste a single moment. Once again, major kudos to Brad Bird for writing such a solid, surprisingly complex screenplay.
    Lastly, The Incredibles is not just a movie, it's an event. Most theatre audiences are in for a trio of treats before the feature even begins. First is a preview for the next PIXAR feature, Cars, due for release in November of 2005. Next, it's the long awaited preview for Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith! And finally, were that not enough, PIXAR presents a delightful animated musical short, Boundin', featuring a spirited little lamb and a high-stepping jackolope. It's an incredible preview presentation, with a truly incredible movie to follow it. So, what are you waiting for? Let The Incredibles save your day!
Directed By: Brad Bird
Written By: Brad Bird
Starring the vocal talents of: Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson,
Jason Lee, Dominique Louis, Teddy Newton, Jean Sincere, Wallace Shawn,
Spencer Fox, Lou Romano, Sarah Vowell, Michael Bird, Elizabeth Peña, Brad Bird,
Bud Luckey, Bret 'Brook' Parker, John Ratzenberger

MPAA: Rated PG for action violence.
The Incredibles